Why ISDM Online Learning Hub?

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Live Classroom

As a foundation part of ISDM Learning Hub, Online Classes topic for education business, this module makes it easy to manufacture, alter, and deal with your Online Education. Institute/Coachings/Schools/Colleges can teach the students more effectively with us.

Trial Classes/Course for Students

Give a chance to your potential understudies to attempt the principal exercises of your course for nothing. For instance, you will post a course and will open the main instructional exercise to people in general for nothing. Notwithstanding, understudies that might want to keep viewing your instructional exercises won’t approach your next instructional exercises until they get it.

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Lesson by Lesson Learning Online

Lesson by Lesson Teaching/Learning

Modify the grouping of your courses and choose what exercise ought to follow the past one. We plan 2 alternatives:

1. Understudies won’t approach the second exercise until the completer initial one.

2. You can have your own grouping. You can tweak the succession of exercises, areas.

Student Reports and Gradebook

As a teacher and mentor, you will have the option to follow the number of individuals going to your course. Further, you will have insights in rate about understudies who have finished a course, who are as of now joined up with the course, and who have passed the test just as the normal advancement of the course participants.

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Online Assignments Features

This component permits you to add assignments to an exercise notwithstanding or rather than a test. There are 2 sorts of assignments: transfer and paper.

The educator can check the understudy’s work, grade their exhibition, and leave notes on the assignments.

You will profit by the straightforward learning process and another method for reviewing the understudies. Get the most extreme form of the new component. Request that your understudies append advantageous documents to the paper so as to help their answers.

Appreciate the adaptability and assortment of alternatives, screen, and assess understudies’ advancement.

Integrate Google Classroom

Integrating digital classrooms to your online workflow is beneficial for both students and faculty during emergency situations. This new interaction will allow instructors to speed up the transition to an online environment and provide resources that can be immediately put to use.

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Live Webinars, Online Meetings

Thinking or planning to run webinars? Then connect Zoom service with ISDM Learning Hub. Create and manage online meetings directly from your LMS. Use an activity where all your learners can participate simultaneously. It’s real-time, highly interactive, and very social.

Messaging & Chat between Users/Students

Easy to use informing and declarations framework will support your understudies and speakers share their insight and stay in contact with most recent news.

Remain associated with your Class-mates!

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Motivate your Students by Points & Rewards

The ISDM LMS new implicit component helps Motivation, Engagement, Attention Span, not saying about better investment and criticism. Another Points System holds understudies’ consideration, engages and draws in them, and simultaneously instructs them. Make your courses increasingly successful and progressively fun.

Become an ISDM Instructor & Create Your Own Online Courses


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Training of Digital Trainer (ToDT)

We will provide training of start, maintain and run online classes

Create Courses & Sessions

Now, you can create a course. You should make digital content with ISDM Learning Tools. Its very easy.

Start Online Training

Now you will be able to Start Training. You can sell your courses across the world.

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