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Advance Coding Course Junior

Scratch, Phython, HTML, CSS Coding Concepts

World’s Best Opportunity for your Child


Minimum Qualification to Join this Course 9th to 12th
Minimum Age to Join this Course around 18 Years
No. of Assignments 10
Placement Assistance Yes
Certificate After Course Yes
Live Doubt Clearing Session Yes
Theory: Practical Ratio 30:70
Live Projects Yes
Course Access Validity Lifetime
Doubt Clearing through Live Chat Yes
Interaction with Trainer Yes

About this Course – Scratch, Phython, HTML, CSS

ISDM Advance Coding Course Junior is one of the best online coding course for juinor. This course is spcially designed for kids of 2nd class to 5th class. Juinor Coding Course is especially designed by the India’s best coding trainers. Your child will able to understand, do and perform all the basic operations of coding.


What are the way to Learn?

Juinor coding Course is based on the Graphical Block Programming and Text Based Progamming. We start the graphic block based programming at beginning. It helps the child to understand the concept of programming in easy way. Once the child complete the graphical block based programming, we start the text programming also.


Languages Coverd?

  • Scratch
  • Phython
  • HTML
  • CSS


All the Best for Learning, See the Curriculam Tab for more details


Course Overview

Basics of Programming – 3D Designing

  • Introduction to the course – Junior Coding
  • Your 1st 3D object with Programming
  • Shortcut to built Multiple Objects in 1 Go
  • Step 1 of Software Development
  • Master in Programming for number lines
  • Master in programming for negative number lines
  • Apply concepts of number lines in movement
  • Built object that can’t be seen in 2D
  • Built object that can’t be seen in 3D
  • Find a shortcut to program the pattern
  • Built a user defined pattern
  • Programming concept made easy
  • 3D design programming 1
  • 3D design programming 2
  • 3D design programming 3
  • 3D design programming 4
  • Introduction to 3D printing


Application for block base programme

  • Programming of robotics 1
  • Programming of robotics 2
  • Programming of robotics 3

Scratch programming

  • Intro to Scratch 3.0
  • Intro to Scratch 2.0
  • Built your first Animation
  • Where to apply Loops Practically
  • Girls & Basketball Animation
  • Foundation For Gaming
  • An apple In The Coordinate System
  • Master apple Quiz Part 1
  • Master apple Quiz Part 2
  • The Magic Pencil 1
  • The Magic Pencil 2
  • The Magic Pencil 3
  • The Magic Pencil 4
  • The Magic Pencil 4.1
  • The Magic Pencil 4.2
  • The Magic Pencil 4.3
  • The Magic Pencil 5
  • The Magic Pencil
  • The Magic Pencil & Super Shortcuts 2
  • The Invisible
  • The Invisible & Invisible Conversation 2
  • The Invisible & Invisible Conversation 3
  • Programmer or Music Composer 1
  • Programmer or Music Composer 2
  • Programmer or Music Composer 3
  • Built a Numeric Calculator 1
  • Built a Numeric Calculator 2
  • Built a Numeric Calculator 3

Gaming zone in Scratch

  • Cat catching butterfly
  • Butterfly is flying or hidding
  • Apples-Built your 1st game

Python programming ( Scratch to Python )

  • Introduction of scratch to Python
  • Setting up of python
  • Scratch to python variables
  • Visual outputs in python
  • Basic motion of scratch python

Python programming ( Scratch to Python ) Advance

  • Scratch
  • Scratch & Python in operation
  • Scratch & Python with controls
  • Scratch & Python with sensing

Design Website with HTML & CSS

  • Development of software
  • Use the web version
  • Set all the Environment
  • Difference between HTML & CSS
  • Brief about HTML
  • Use of HTML
  • Elements of HTML
  • Create first page of HTML
  • Codes for 1st page
  • Codes for 2nd page
  • Write the links Part 1
  • Write the links Part 2
  • Now go Live
  • Add image
  • Now built next section
  • Built up list 1
  • Built up list 2
  • Built a data table
  • Built a user form
  • Now built the footer section
  • Now start the CSS
  • Add more Styles
  • Next Action

Demo Videos


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