ISDM Courses

ISDM Offer 200+ Online Certification Courses. All courses are Govt Approved and ISO 9001::2015 Certified. ISDM delivers the quality contents study material to it’s Institute. All courses are delivering on B2B2C and B2C Mode.

Features of ISDM Courses

  • Eeasy to Understand and Learn
  • Flexible in Course Duration – Monthly/Yearly/Hours
  • E-Classroom Mode
  • Physical Training Mode
  • Online Assignment, Study, Exam and Instant Results
  • Team of 100 Expert Teachers and Faculties from all over India.
  • Online Doubt Clearing Facility.
  • All Courses availabe on IPL (Identify Pre Learning) Mode.
  • Approved from NCT New Delhi, 9 Ministries Govt of India & 4 National Commissions.

India’s No.1 & Best Institution to Choose your Skill Development Courses

ISDM Online Courses

Online Certification Courses - Top Courses

Computer Course
21 Lectures
6 Weeks / 100 Hours
Art & Creativity
28 Lectures
10 hours
Soft Skills
23 Lectures
10 hours
Computer Course
5 Lectures
10 hours
Yoga Courses
6 Lectures
15 Days
Art & Creativity
10 hours
Art & Creativity
10 hours


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