Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)

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Minimum Qualification to Join this Course 10th Class
Minimum Age to Join this Course N.A.
No. of Assignments 10
Placement Assistance Yes
Certificate After Course Yes
Live Doubt Clearing Session Yes
Theory: Practical Ratio 30:70
Live Projects Yes
Course Access Validity Lifetime
Doubt Clearing through Live Chat Yes
Interaction with Trainer Yes

The fourth revised version of the ‘O’ Level (IT) syllabus came into effect in January 2015 examinations. Since then, much advancement has been observed in the area of Information Technology. The need of industry has also changed with the availability of new and advanced technologies and tools. With the advancement in technologies, the software development practices have also changed. This also has led to change in job profile. Different job roles require different skills. Moreover, the digital initiatives taken by Government have also changed the way the business is taking place these days. These factors have led to bringing the revision in syllabus of DOEACC ‘O’ Level (IT) course.

This document shows the fifth revised version of ‘O’ Level syllabus under ISDM Scheme which becomes effective for teaching with immediate effect. The syllabus of the ‘O’ Level course is designed to enhance the skills of students so as to enable them to solve problems using Information Technology (IT) tools. The self learning approach is built into the syllabus enabling the learners to update themselves on the changing technologies in their area of work. The syllabus has been designed to meet the skills required for various IT job roles.

Course Content

Fundamental of Computer

  • Introduction to Computer
  • Generation
  • Classification of Computer
  • Storage
  • Input Devices
  • Output Devices
  • Software
  • Network
  • Quiz Fundamentals of Computer Application


  • OS1- Introduction to Operating System OR Windows 10
  • OS2- Windows 10 Installation & Highlighted Features
  • Windows 10 Installation
  • Getting Friendly with Interface
  • User Management in Windows 10 Operating System
  • Shrinking
  • File System (NTFS
  • Windows Firewall
  • Uses of Command Line terminals in Windows 10


  • Introduction to MS WORD
  • Introduction to Tab HOME
  • Introduction of Tab INSERT
  • Introduction to Design Tab
  • Introduction to LAYOUT Tab
  • Introduction to REFERENCES Tab
  • Introduction to MAILING Tab
  • Introduction to REVIEW Tab
  • Introduction to VIEW Tab
  • Quiz Microsoft Word


  • Excel PART 1
  • Excel PART 2
  • Excel PART 3
  • Excel PART 4
  • Excel PART 5
  • Excel PART 6
  • Quiz M.S.Excel


  • PP1- Introduction of POWER POINT
  • PP2- Introduction to DESIGN Tab
  • PP3- Introduction to TRANSITION Tab
  • PP4- Introduction to ANIMATION Tab
  • PP5- Introduction to SLIDESHOW Tab
  • Quiz for MicroSoft PowerPoint


  • I1- Introduction to INTERNET
  • I2- Difference between Internet and Intranet
  • I3- Introduction to ISP
  • I4-Defination of Connectivity and Types of Connectivity
  • I5- Deffination of VSAT
  • I6- Introduction to URL
  • I7- Introduction to WEB PORTAL
  • I8- Application of INTERNET
  • i9- Introduction of EMAIL
  • I10- Introduction of chatting
  • I11- Introduction of WWW
  • I12- Introduction of Web Browser
  • I13- Introduction of HTTP
  • I14- Introduction of Network Layers OR OSI MODEL
  • Quiz for Internet


  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Working with IMAGE
  • Magic Wand Tool or Create PNG
  • Creat Passport Size Photos
  • Change Background OR Blur Background
  • Add TEXT on photos
  • INTERESTING Tools of Photoshop
  • Blink Eyes Effect

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10th (High School)
Yes, you will get Govt recognised certificate after passing the exams.
Exam is online, one exam after every subject.
No, you must pass the test, conducting after every subject to enter the next one.
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